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Kniep has to-day left me to make my pilgrimages and observations by myself, in order that he might accurately sketch the outline of Monte Pellegrino, the most beautiful headland in the whole world”.

These are words by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as seen in his famous report on his travels to Italy. The writer, poet and playwright fell in love with the Sicilian capital of Palermo during his visit to Italy and decided to publish “Travels to Italy”, in 1816.

Whoever decides to come to Sicily to celebrate his wedding will experience an incredible richness of history, colours, scents, breathtaking views, great climate throughout the year, warmth, kindness, hospitality, and an outstanding artistic heritage that all the world envy.

We could write books just to list all the locations that you will find in our amazing land called Sicily. Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Mount Etna, the Baroque city of Noto, biggest cities fo Catania and Palermo full of art and culture, the Salt Pens of Trapani and Marsala and the Medieval Village of Erice. There are plenty more less known amazing little gems locations!

Not to mention the food! Have you ever tried fruit shaped marzipan sweets or almonds and sugar sweets? Or Cannoli, sweets and creams? is something that you should do at least once in your lifetime!

These are the reasons why you should rely on a Sicilian based pro photographer who knows how to make you live the real experience and enjoy the beauty Sicily and take outstanding pictures of your wedding. And if you’d like, taking you for a tour of the most beautiful locations for a photo shoot session.

A Sicilian based wedding it’s something extraordinary, unique, incredible and we are here to make your wedding day eternal through our pictures. Our work is based on our desire to make the bride and groom relive and re-share their wedding day for the rest of there lives.

Go and have a look at our blog, there you will find our work so that you’ll be able to understand our style and visual language. Reality is the keyword of our work. A reality that contains everything: locations, love, details, beauty, warmth, friends, party, joy and tears.

These are all elements that are involved in the the storytelling. Our pictures leave anything ti chance because everything is unique and tell a something about the spouses.

We are available for any kind of request e we are ready to offer innovative services on digital supports. If you would like to know more about our work and have further information, do no hesitate to contact us or follow us on our official social channels

Thank you,

Grazie Rappastudio




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